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Quality and Secure Financial Advice

If you are seeking a superior service for financial advice the advisors at Wellington Charles can provide it. Our advisors are well-qualified at giving advice to organizations. We advise companies on increasing capital and strategizing for growth and sales acquisitions.

We also offer family owned operations advice on how to boost their manifesto, complete exit planning, and do assessments. The companies we advise are typically lower to middle market organizations.

Our team is extremely active at building a durable rapport with some of the top partners. These include family offices, strategic buyers, and private equity firms.

What is structured finance?

Companies that have complicated financial needs are offered a financial tool known as structured finance. This is something that is not normally cured by traditional financing options. Some common products that offer structured financing include non transferable debts and debt obligations that require collateral.

Wellington Charles advisors are familiar with structured financial services. If your company requires this type of advice, call our offices and one of our representatives will service you.

What are Valuation Services?

Valuation services are here to help customers with acquisitions, dispositions, and mergers. In addition, Wellington Charles will assist when clients need help with compliance and taxation planning. We also aid in resolving legal disputes and litigation, reorganization, financial reporting, bankruptcy, and strategic planning.

What does Going Private mean?

When a company that trades publicly wishes to convert to an entity that is private is what defines going private. Wellington Charles advisors will assist your organization in completing all the transactions required. After you have become a private entity, current public shareholders cannot trade sales within the open market.

What is Minority Investing?

This investment is taking over the non-controlling stake--usually less than 50%--of the equity funding of a business. It usually involves using the business capital as a method of business exchange. The main goal of minority funding is to push for business growth.

How Wellington Charles offers Strategic Shareholder Advice

Wellington Charles offers a strategic advisory plan to shareholders. This plan advises clients in regards to corporate governances, investor relations, and ESG practices.

What about the buy side and sell side?

When referring to the buy side of a security investment it is about security purchase that encompasses hedge funds, investment managers, and pension funds. Wellington Charles advisors are here to assist with affirming the purchase of securities.

Contact Wellington Charles for Secure Financial Advice

When you want to ensure you receive secure financial advice, contact Wellington Charles. Contact us at 847-404-0250 or email us at for secure financial advice and service.

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